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MR. OBAMA WHINES FOR "A BALANCED APPROACH" - as in: "All your money are belong to us". S.O.T.U.S. Spender of the United States.

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REALLY CNN? THAT DESPERATE? - I'd be drinking too- if I had to swallow an hour of SOTUS crap too....

SOTU 2012 - NOT APPLAUDING: CURRENT CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE UNITED STATES JOHN GLOVER ROBERTS, JR. - Attended Harvard College and Harvard Law School, where he was managing editor of the Harvard Law Review. Graduated from law school with J.D. magna cum laude.


SOTU ENERGY QUOTE - “all-out, all-of-the-above strategy" (another lie: keystone pipeline)

PAUL-RUBIO SOTU RESPONSE - Obama is Killing America with Socialism!

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ughomer - February 13, 2013, 6:34 am
Where's the bottled water in the ph**o on the right?

NO FLAG PIN!! - He must be a secret muslim that hates America!

THE OBAMA SOTU MANTRA - Doubling Down on Socialism

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ughomer - February 13, 2013, 6:32 am
Did the Messiah pause for a gulp of water during this hour-long speech?

KNEE JERKS - Say what you want, but at least accomplish something this term.

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Renza - February 14, 2013, 8:29 am
They're too busy being disgusted at the Obama that Clint Eastwood was talking to at the republican convention, to get anything meaningful done.

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